Baked Fresh with Magic :)

I'm Meg and I'm a recent grad of JWU for Baking & Pastry Arts/FSM and a Disney CM! I did my first Disney Culinary Program from March-May 2012 at the Polynesian Resort Bakery my 2nd DCP from July-November 2013 for EPCOT and the Food & Wine Festival and will be returning in September. I served as a Campus Rep so I'm here to help! Come join my magical journey of dreams coming true!

so for my food writing class we have to do a presentation on our favorite food blogs and I don’t know if I’ve ever shared it on here or not but if you love food, photography, and/or food photography you need to check out foodgawker right now (well maybe not right now if it’s late because you will be on for hours) but yeah, you need to. I’ve been going through it for years and my list of ‘want to make’ recipes grows every single time. it is the best site ever.

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