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I'm Meg and I'm a recent grad of JWU for Baking & Pastry Arts/FSM and a Disney CM! I did my first Disney Culinary Program from March-May 2012 at the Polynesian Resort Bakery my 2nd DCP from July-November 2013 for EPCOT and the Food & Wine Festival and will be returning in September. I served as a Campus Rep so I'm here to help! Come join my magical journey of dreams coming true!

My mom just made a magical moment :’)

So I’ve posted my favorite Disney memory on here many times before. When we first went to Disney World in 1998 my 4 year old brother and my 6 year old self each got to pick 1 pin. My brother picked Dumbo and I picked Cinderella. We wore the pins on our shirts everyday and one day we went to go meet Cinderella (last pic). She saw my pin and she was SO happy! She gave me a kiss on the cheek and her lipstick left a mark and she said not to wipe it off. We went to the Jungle Cruise and our skipper saw that I was kissed by a princess and let me drive the boat!

I could never find the pin anywhere after. I would ask my mom “oh it’s in the house somewhere” we looked for it before I left for Disney and couldn’t find it. Every time my mom would say “meg I found something!” I always said “My cinderella pin?” but tonight my mom asked me to come upstairs. She was showing me this Cinderella music box thing I got for my communion and then she said she found something else. of course I asked if it was my cinderella pin and it was! I was SO happy! My very first pin and I reunited 14 years later <3

For all you pin fans the pin was bought in Walt Disney World in 1998. Her features are outlined in gold. The pin doesn’t have the backs we know of today, it has a legit pin back and not the mouse backs but it still has the Disney copyright on the back.

I can’t believe I finally have my pin :) Proudly on my lanyard now <3

sorry the quality is bad, I’ll try and take better ones but my phone is such shitty quality

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